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Your Next Generation Cloud Platform

Next Generation Cloud Platform

We are going to be the first to allow our resellers to create their own cloud platform for their customers with the minimum of inconvenience.

You simply offer a Cloud server to your customers under your own-brand from a tier 3 data center.

Your customers can select their preferred size, OS, CPU, memory, drive and more and their own Cloud server is online in a few minutes.

  • Create servers immediately
  • Choose exactly the right CPU and memory for each server
  • Run Windows or any OS
  • Resize capacity easily, on demand by the hour

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud is a computing model providing web-based applications and computing resources on demand. By deploying technology as a service, you give customers access only to the resources they need for a specific task.

Cloud Application

Cloud applications are run and interacted with via a web browser or hosted desktop.
Main Advantages: Your customers will not deal with the burden of software maintenance, license, ongoing operation and support.

Cloud Platform

The middle level named ‘Cloud Platform’ provides a computing platform or framework as a service.
A platform where applications may be run in an environment composed of utility cloud services in a logically abstract environment.
Main Advantages: a cloud platform dynamically delivers, configures, reconfigures and servers as needed to cope with increases or decreases in demand.

Cloud Infrastructure

ITDealer Next Generation Cloud Platform infrastructure offerings include servers, storage, virtualization components and some extras features for building your private cloud computing environment or let your customers create immediately with the minimum of inconvinience.
Main Advantages: Virtualisation allows the splitting of a single physical piece of hardware into independent environments, scalable in terms of CPU, memory, disk, data transfer and other components.

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    How it works

    Your customers can select their preferred size, OS, CPU, memory, drive and extra features.

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    Scalable web hosting

    If your customers need more capacity for growth or peaks in demand, simply add more capacity on the fly and the server is recommissioned with the extra capacity.

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    How much does it cost to setup?

    We have a basic cost to setup the platform which costs £1000+VAT and then there is a monthly charge of £100+VAT. This includes a full web platform that is consistent with you website. All we need from you is a subdomain and a some additional details and we deliver the whole platform to you, ready for your customers to use. You then simply stand back and get your customers to use the platform and make up to 30% on all transactions.

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    Where are the servers held?

    The datacenter is located in the UK

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    How do I support?

    You can either provide first line support to your customers directly from a web interface or we can handle the support on your behalf 24x7. Both options are available which means unlike some of the other cloud providers, we actually have people your customers can talk to. This is a big differentiator on our service.


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    How much do I pay monthly to have it up and running?

    There is an initial setup fee of £1000 which covers the cost of branding the portal in your company style and linked to your website, we handle all the technical issues in getting the platform up and running for you. However you will need to provide us with an SSL certificate, a subdomain like and online payment details. Then we take care of the rest for you.The monthly charge is then £100 for the platform and you simply collect cash when your customers use the service.


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Setting up

Your customer can:

1. SELECT from a variety of configurations: CPU, Memory, Disk, Data Center and extra features.

2. SELECT an Operating System. Your customers can easily create servers with standard installs of Linux and Windows Server 2008.

3. Cloud Platform is created for you with very little involvement.

Each Cloud Server Platform can be upgraded or removed as your client needs change.

100% SLA . Availability guaranteed for your running Cloud servers.


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